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Aug. 30th, 2007

Great concert! Also GIP!

The Fillmore was sold out -- 1,250 people on a Wednesday, all rocking out! Some of there were more there for the punk than the gypsy, but there were a fair number of folkie-looking types and gray hairs. I cracked up when I realized that I'd missed punk in the 70s because I was so into folk music and folk rock, and one of the things I like best about Gogol Bordello is the Romany and Eastern European folk music parts... Apparently I haven't changed.

Everyone got sweaty and happy. We managed to find some chairs on the upper balcony so didn't have to brave the floor and had OK sightlines. I watched mosh pit for bit, it was intense and I'm glad I wasn't near it.

I think Eugene Hutz is heir to the title "The hardest working man in show business." I saw James Brown once and he gave everything to his show -- Eugene feels the same to me. The band were all great, high energy, tuneful, exciting. I am a music philistine and often get bored at concerts, but not this one! Pam did not crowd-surf on the drum, but she looked fabulous and I loved watching her. All of them were fabulous and they really did an amazing show. My feet didn't even hurt too much!

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ETA: I used my cotton earplugs during the DJ set beforehand, but not during the concert itself. Yay for good sound systems and no distortion!

Aug. 29th, 2007

wish me luck and no mosh pit

I'm a little nervous, but wearing my "Start Wearing Purple" t-shirt and we're off to SF to see Gogol Bordello at the Fillmore. We'd take teenboy but he's got school early tomorrow morning. So it's just us middle-aged types, and I hope it's more Gypsy and less Punk. I gotta find my earplugs.