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Sep. 19th, 2007

journaling and migration links

I've been collecting journaling and social networking and migration articles from [info]metafandom and other places. So here's a giant post with perhaps too much food for thought.
  • A good summary of LJ management asshattry

  • LJ is planning to mark journals and communities as "adult". It's not so much a problem to me that kids can't see smut (kids with half a brain can lie, says the mom). It's that anything protected from children is also protected from the general public. So anyone curious has to at probably get an LJ and get age-certified somehow, and possibly join the community to see the stories. Definitely a chilling effect.

  • The Omniture tracking stats thing turns out to be not that big a deal, according to die-hard LJ critic stewardess.

  • 10 Ways Flickr Builds Communities (from Business Week of all places, via bokardo)
    1. Engage
      Don’t just listen to your community. Engage
    2. Enforce
      Let the community help set standards and policies for appropriate behavior --then enforce them
    3. Take Responsibility
      Fess up immediately when you make mistakes
    4. Step Back
      Don’t be afraid to step back and let your customers take over
    5. Give Freely
      Never underestimate the allure of a free T-shirt (or sticker, or button…)
    6. Be Patient
      Take knee-jerk reactions with a grain of salt
    7. Hire Fans
      Make sure your employees are as passionate about your product as your community’s most die-hard fans
    8. Stay Calm
      Develop a thick skin
    9. Focus
      Be flexible but don’t lose sight of your priorities
    10. Be Visible
      stay human


more about RSS readers, social networking, blogging in public and non-journal fandom sites )

Sep. 9th, 2007

fixing the too-big feeds problem

There's a problem with making feeds (syndicated journals) on LJ and clones -- mainly important for communities. If the feed is too big, the receiving journaling system can't handle it and shows an error message that it's too big in the feed user info. This happens when the first 25 posts have a content greater than 300kb. If you are the maintainer of a community, please read this!

brown_betty has a solution: )

ETA: I thought I posted this over here on IJ, but it seems to have been set private, wtf? Anyway, am reposting with improved instructions, especially for communities.