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Nov. 24th, 2009

GIP - Merlin OT4

I've been sucked into Merlin, at least watching (girlchild loves it but gets scared when things get tense) and reading the fic, some of which is so good I had to rec it. It's an utterly ridiculous twisting of the Arthur stories, of course, and I'm still in love with the 12th century versions. But the characters in this are just so damn cute, I can't resist. Therefore, an OT4 icon, made by [info] miakun, because I like them in any and every combination :-D
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Jul. 1st, 2009


I needed a skeptical icon and I wanted a Donna/Catherine icon, so thanks to LJ user [info -]future_love_art, I got both :-)

And from [info -]toft: four naked guys do crispbread dance on Sweden's Got Talent. That cheered up my day, and I hope it does the same for you.

Other than that, my life is boring, so I haven't been posting. How are you all?

Apr. 22nd, 2009

journaling and stuff

thefourthvine says: Sometimes you may say to yourself: all these people have me friended. And yet I posted a story (or a link, or four extremely compelling pictures of my cat, including one where she almost had a ribbon on her head) and many of them have not commented! You may wonder why. You may even be downcast in your wonderment and confusion.

She has been doing some careful research on this very topic, and she has all the answers. WHAT a relief to have it put in perspective that way ;-) If you are a lurker, that's OK with me. But just so you know, even short comments on any of my posts are precious. I am always greedy for more.

Plus: GIP. That there my icon is me, in my Big Chair, all blurry but that disguises all my chins. That is my laptop with my old-style rainbow apple sticker. I use the other one too much in my work persona.

This text is supposed to follow a test cut tag. It wasn't working on crossposting from DWO yesterday. Let's see if it does today. And some more Dreamwidth stuff:

+ zarah's post on Dreamwidth for Dummies

+ zvi's excellent post on How to follow someone who has moved to Dreamwidth (or most any other journaling /blogging system).

PS I have no invite codes, but probably will on April 30. Just tell me if you want one.

Sep. 12th, 2008


Icon of Viggo and Elijah from a party after the New York premiere of Appaloosa. So many gorgeous photos lately, yay!

Also, I highly recommend Disk Inventory X (Mac only), an excellent shareware program to clean up your hard disk. I cleared an additional 14 GB. Most of it was deleting all Garage Band folders, but still. I'll be donating, yis.

Aug. 16th, 2008

portmanteau post

Happy Birthday to too_shy and sandelwood You've both had rough years and I hope this next one will be fabulous!

Cat GIP (he's curled up on the rug, at yet another spot just off the central medallion)

And a question, since I now live with a cat, We have been using some of the clay litter, which is way better engineered than last time I had cats, in the 80s. It doesn't smell and is easy get the pee and poop out of. But apparently, it's a big eco problem, despoiling the landscape and such. I tried some pine pellets but realized our little rake scoop thing has too-small openings. So I ask you, flist, what kind of environmentally responsible cat litter should we buy?