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Aug. 8th, 2007

I <3 fandom

Happy Birthday [info]telesilla and azrhiaz ! (I know you didn't want wank for your birthday but you got it anyway.)
In happy fanfic news:

Establishment!Billy's story arc is finished: he started a vanilla straight bloke who had cheerful sex with any pretty woman he could pull, but was quite scandalized by Est!Dom/Elijah's kinky ways (but supportive!). Now he's married to Rachel Weisz (written by ripsgirl), who has broadened his horizons enough to have tried exhibitionism, erotic photography, bondage, fisting and anal sex. And now, they're going to experiment with something long-term and absorbing: parenthood. But we're not writing it -- domesticity is really hard -- so that's our ending to their story. Links are at the Billy/Rachel story list.

I love writing with ripsgirl and am glad we have push-pull-push to play in. We have a new story, in which Billy's tired but Dom's horny, and imaginative. Pretty much PWP with mild bondage, and an unusual configuration: Turnabout (NC-17)

Someone who works for an actual gay porn movie site and is writing an article on why and what women like in gay porn: let her know with a screened comment on her journal or send email to hellen @

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