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Feb. 11th, 2008

Viggo: the best autograph signer

I don't know where I got it, but I uploaded this video of Viggo signing at the Oscars nominees lunch event. I found it a bit hard to watch, because it keeps going on and on and on, all the yelling and in-his-faceness just got to me. At the end of that is where someone says that they've voted him the best autograph signer. I wish just one person had yelled "We love you Viggo!" because for me it's more about that. Ah well. If I ever see him, I now have A Plan.

And then after the BAFTAs, I was trying to find the Famous Viggo/Orlando Hug and having a hell of a time. Though I found Viggo signing a zillion autographs, also Orlando, amazingly sweet and patient with the fans. But my l33t search skillz ;-) finally paid off and I found a great vid of them, set to "Something's Gotta Give" as sung by Frank Sinatra, by lotrips' own idrillia (two hours after she uploaded). The Hug is there, behind Hugh Laurie being interviewed. Pretty damn subtle: whoever noticed it should be recruited for spotting bank robbers or terrorists!

Alas, it does not have Viggo extracting from under his waistcoat his Argentine football club's banner and displaying it proudly. Football fanboy, him. Makes stories of bonding with Bean that much more realistic.

Lotrips gets a lovely revival, lucky us!