LiveJournal/SUP: without a clue

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, (attributed to Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein and lots of other people). Is the insane one LJ continuing to screw up, or us continuing to give them money?

LJ staff posted a fauxpology today. It said nearly nothing, and was not exactly reassuring. Is good that they've noticed we're upset. But getting the "right tone when communicating" is not nearly as important as NOT DOING STUPID STUFF. (Kudos to j_crew_guy for the term "fauxpology". )

Joke's on us, they posted at 8pm (Pacific Daylight Time) -- and no staff has even tried to answer comments.

stewardess has summarized LiveJournal's greatest customer service disasters, going back to April 2005, in Nostalgia: 6A/SUP's Greatest Fuck-Ups.

So far, the no_lj_ads community has found three LJ Advisory Board members who say they were not formally asked for advice, and when the topic of killing Basic accounts was mentioned in passing, they said it was a dumb idea. They are: Brad Fitzpatrick, Esther Dyson and danah boyd,

Here's the best (or at least the snarkiest) response yet to the killing off of Basic account creation, (found via princessofg ).

More tomorrow, including my thinky thoughts about the LJ business model.


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