Hobbit filming stays in New Zealand!

Breaking news: The Hobbit movie is going ahead, in New Zealand. Peter Jackson is directing it. Weta is doing its thing. The cast looks good. What a relief!

TORN (The One Ring.net) has covered this in excruciating detail, along with the Frodo Franchise blog. Andy Serkis knew it. And the New Zealand newspapers have been slightly hysterical for a week.

And in less fraught news, TORn has a great Meet Your Hobbit Cast report. Martin Freeman even looks like a Hobbit, and like Ian Holm, which is nifty. He was in the new Sherlock Holmes series, and I I'm not quite sure what to make of some of the prettier actors cast as Dwarves, but hey, eyecandy is good!

PS I apologize to various people about not getting back to you. I've been sleep-deprived and stupid lately, and I'm sorry.


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