Billy Boyd is not broke (tabloid lies spread quickly)

Truth: from a nice long interview in, Billy being modest about money:

Q: you ever tempted to retire after Lord of the Rings and just go and live the good life in the sun somewhere?
A: I don’t have any money!

Q: You must have a couple of dimes?
A: But we were unknown actors – we did it for peanuts, and for food.

Lies: a fake teaser line (not a pullquote): LORD of the Rings actor Billy Boyd claims he is broke and earned very little from the films and a provactive photo caption: Penniless... Boyd.

This lie was started by The Sun online (I have screecaps), It's been picked up by a lot of celebrity news sides and blogs, including on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt. But now there's a lengthy reply on ONTD and I hope we can be calm on LJ a least.

ETA: he's in Sunshine on Leith, lucky UK people!


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