LOTR cast news

(I still love them so much, and I still don't know why.)

Orlando got married to his girlfriend of several years, Miranda Kerr. They've been all cuddly and cute in public lately, and pretty much eloped to the Caribbean in July to get married without fuss. Now there are rumors of impending parenthood. And there's wank, in the usual places.

Sean Bean is getting divorced, for the forth time. However lovely or annoying he might be, he's clearly un-domestic and goes off filming around the world (Ukraine, South Africa, Ireland in the last few months). Or he's pining for Viggo, anything's possible ;-)

Elijah burbles happily about music - in this case, mostly random vinyl he hasn't actually listened to.

Billy is playing the lead in Sunshine on Leith, a musical set to Proclaimers songs, how I wish I could go see it! It was Billy at TORn and [livejournal.com profile] berreh who introduced me to The Proclaimers, and I really like them, it would be bliss to see it, sigh.

Here's Billy's first video-blog-thing, just him on camera, looking good and being charming. But... he does this horrible scrunching up his forehead thing, sort-of like a TNG Klingon, from 2 min 35 seconds onwards. I'm not usually critical about looks, I'm fine with them getting older, but this is awful, please, make it go away Billy!


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