fandom is my (mostly) happy place

Dom and Sean Bean are in a movie about bored rich guys playing war (ETA: it's currently called "Soldier of Fortune" and there's more info and pictures on [ profile] dom_media (members only) and the Dominic Monaghan Resource.)

I looove this photo
Dom and Sean Bean dressed as soldiers

This is not a beecake:

bee-type dessert

Actually, it's a "honey-pistachio frozen parfait, covered in bee-emblazoned white-chocolate-cardamom sheets," inspired by a famous Richard Avedon portrait of a beekeeper with bees on his skin, and made for the SF Museum of Modern Art. From Design*Sponge (scroll down).
For those of you baffled by this item, Billy's band is called Beecake. Besides the pleasure of Billy singing, I just like them: the lyrics make sense and the tunes are catchy enough to stick in my head and hum at random times.

I don't usually inspire fic, but [personal profile] lannamichaels asked for a prompt and wrote a bittersweet 10-year-anniversary Lotrips fic: We Are Famous; Our Hearts Are Legends. The second-to-last line totally gets to me.

And as part of that fandom clan wank*, [ profile] mochibuni wrote: I bet JK Rowling is thrilled, fucking thrilled I tell you, that Harry is having a Slytherin leather pants gang bang somewhere with Hermione watching over the proceedings while sitting on top of a gilded hippogriff throne I challenged her to write it, and she did, even more crackficcy! with JRR Tolkien as her unsympathetic psychotherapist: The JK Rowling Sessions.
* my only comment on the clan wank is that articulate people should not reply quickly and publicly when someone seems to attack them or things they love. Actually, none of us should post in public in that situation, but the more eloquent a writer, the bigger a hole they dig for themselves.


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