bad news about The Hobbit movie

The funding for the Hobbit movie is taking too long, the goddamn shitty studio executives around MGM acquisition couldn't finance their way out of a paper bag. They're not just delaying The Hobbit, they're screwing it up.

The director, Guillermo del Toro, who has consistently interacted with fans, been wonderfully enthusiastic, and has showed that he understands the work and the fandom, is leaving the film. He's been in New Zealand for a couple of years already, and he's got other work to do, a career to build. I can't blame him, but I'm sad and worried.

(Ignore the bit where the a "source" tries to spin it and say it's not the studio's fault, that filming was always supposed to start at the end of 2010 to release in 2012 and 2013: they lie lie lie. Even last week, GdT said, at a press conference, that it was the the studio's delay. )

In the EW article, Peter Jackson's agent says he won't direct The Hobbit:

As for Peter directing, that’s not something he can consider at this time as he has other commitments to other projects. But make no mistake, Peter and Fran’s commitment to the franchise is total and will do everything necessary to protect the films and the investment made by New Line, [parent company] Warner Bros. and MGM.

But agents lie too. This might well be a negotiation ploy for faster decisions, or more independence or a bigger share of the pot, to get Peter back. I hope so, but in my fantasies, Fran and/or Philippa will direct it, fabulously! I can dream, can't I?

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